60 Day Challenge

60 Day Privacy & Risk ChallengeAre you looking for guidance when implementing the GDPR at a time that suits you?

Take part in the 60 Day Privacy & Risk Challenge and get:

  • assignments
  • explanation videos
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • templates
  • checklists

CPRM’s intensive 60 Day Privacy & Risk Challenge will motivate you to get things done!

  • Closed LinkedIn group
  • Small groups (15 to 20 people per group)
  • Regularly receive personal responses to questions via the group
  • Learning from others in the group
  • Able to combine with a full-time job
  • Start date February 3rd 2020 - end date April 3rd 2020

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In this intensive 60 Day Privacy & Risk Challenge we will address the following subjects, among others:

  • Data mapping & register of processing
  • Retention periods
  • SWOT analysis
  • PESTLE method
  • DPIAs

Intensity of the assignments

You don't get an assignement every day. Some assignments require more time than others and the intervals are adjusted accordingly. You can always continue at your own pace afterwards if you don't finish on time. But keep in mind that it is an intensive program in which you will make a lot of progress but will also have to invest a good amount of time.

So, what can you expect?

At a minimum, you get:

  • 22 assignments
  • 10 videos
  • 7 power points
  • 5 templates
  • 4 checklists

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Closed LinkedIn Groups

The 60 Day Privacy & Risk Challenge can only be followed via LinkedIn. After registration and payment you get access to a private group.

Group sizes

It's best to keep the size of the private groups small. Depending on the exact number of participants and in order to maintain a good overview of group activities, I estimate the group sizes will be around 15 to 20 people.

Strict rules in the groups

The 60 Day Privacy & Risk Challenge is tough. I cannot say otherwise. This means that you and others will be intensively involved and off-topic discussions or random posts are therefore undesirable. To prevent disruption, I ask everyone in advance to respond only to the topics posted by CPRM and not to post their own messages in the group. A separate discussion group will also be set up where you can continue to talk about the 60 Day Privacy & Risk Challenge during and afterwards.

Support in the groups

Rest assured, I will not leave you to your own devices. You can ask questions about the assignments via the group post and I advise you to help each other wherever possible.

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  • You will have knowledge of Risk Management & GDPR
  • You will know which appropriate measures you must have in place to protect personal data
  • You will know what to do in the event of a data breach
  • You will know how to respond to requests from data subjects (requests for access, removal of data, etc.)
  • You can better assess processing agreements
  • You will be able to prevent and reduce risks

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Elsewhere you will have to pay anywhere between € 750 and € 3,000 for a training of 4 to 7 hours.

At CPRM you get help and guidance for 60 days for only € 499 excl. VAT.

Pleae note that the 60 Day Privacy & Risk Challenge will only continue with enough participants. Full is full.

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