About me

over Saskia Wenge, Dutch grown with American Roots


My American parents moved from America to Kenya to Amsterdam for work. I was born in the beautiful Dutch capital of Amsterdam and later moved to the Flemish part of Belgium. My sister and I were taught the Dutch language by going to Dutch speaking schools and the English language from speaking our native tongue at home: Dutch grown with American roots!

Education & Work

I've always been interested in many things and had a difficult time choosing one of the many interesting paths there were. After getting my Bachelor in Business Administration (Management, Economics and Law as majors - which proves my point about chosing paths) at the University of Applied Science, I started out working as an assistant in various roles. From personal assistant for CEO's and CFO's to project assistant at various companies. I had a good look around and knew quite quickly that I wanted more and was capable of a lot more.

More education and more work

Within 2 years I was able to obtain Practitioner certificates for Project Management, Program Management, Change Management and Risk Management. These certificates, my previous experience and Bachelor degree, helped me get my foot in the door and gain even more work experience. Being bi-lingual definitely helped as well.

How I got started with privacy

As both an entrepreneur and employee, I was able to manage various projects, set up a program office and be a part of various programs in different roles. Mainly the risk management aspect seems to be the common thread and in the many of the projects I've managed. A lot of the projects had privacy compliance and privacy laws and regulations aspects, which piqued my interest quite a bit seeing as it is a risk-based approach.

Since end of 2017 I started soley working on the in 2016 introduced GDPR and cyber security. My work consists of conducting GDPR baseline measurements, Risk Quick Scans, giving GDPR & Cybersecurity Awareness training and advice in both Dutch and English, and of course managing and coordinating GDPR. Risk and Cyber Security implementation projects. Please browse my website for more information about my services.

about saskia wenge

But who am I really?

Of course, there is more to me than just work. In my down time I love to be with my two beautiful black labs and taking them (or are they taking me?) on adventures and hikes. I have a passion for animals and when possible, I sew dog-jackets for shelter dogs in Romania and other cold countries where dogs are sleeping outside and just need that bit of extra warmth. I also hold fundraisers for various (animal) charities.

Besides animals I also love to craft in all shapes and forms (ask me about Halloween!) and love to donate my craft supplies and finished craft projects to the Ronald McDonald house, children hospitals and care homes.

If you would like to know more about what other's think of me, please go to my personal reference page.

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