Cyber Security Risk Management

Steel doors? Bows and arrows at the drawbridge with crocodiles?

IT departments (fortunately) rely on a combination of strategies, technologies and awareness training for users to protect a company against cyber attacks. These cyber attacks can flatten or damage your systems, personal data and other valuable business information can be stolen and the reputation of your company can be damaged. As the risk of cyber attacks increases and the impact on your organization and stakeholders becomes greater, your importance of Cyber Security Risk Management increases. Cyber Security Risk Management focuses on the cyber security risks of your organization and after identifying your risks and vulnerabilities, involves the development and application of technical and organizational measures to ensure that your organization is adequately protected.


CPRM’s 9 principles of Cyber Security Risk Management

Network security
Policy and Awareness
Preventing Malware
Reporting Incidents
verwijderbare media External media
Updates & Patches
User authorization
Working from home and BYOD


CPRM can help you with your Cyber Security Risk Management

I have extensive and broad experience in the field of risk management and can help you to approach your organization and issues from different angles. In addition, by acting as a sparring partner, I can help you in your cyber security process by, for example, offering impact assessments and risk analyses. I also offer Cyber Security Awareness Training where the focus lies on our 9 principles of Cyber Security Risk Management.


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